Catalog Oh! Stuff featuring the new Official Bootleg and Allergic to Water on Vinyl!

The annual Righteous Babe Catalog Oh! Stuff is available to browse on-line – with lots of new items and some things you might have missed, we think you’ll like what you See See See See - check it out:


One of the highlights: Ani has a new bootleg coming out December 15th- Harrisburg January 23, 2008!
Featuring the first time for “A Spade” and the poem “Reprieve” in the live series, plus beautiful renditions of “Studying Stones,” “You Had Time,” and “Overlap”. You can pre order it at the Righteous Babe Store today.

Not to mention the new vinyl release of Allergic to Water has arrived! With two 125 gram white vinyl records, a lyric sheet and a download card.

Also the Store is having a sale just in time to completely miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We are calling it the “we are a small office and take time off for the holidays sale” So use the code: “RBRgift” at checkout and you will receive 10% off your entire order now through Dec 20th!

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