After 15 years of non-stop touring, often performing over 100 gigs per year, Ani DiFranco will take a hiatus from live performance, after the current July tour ends, until summer 2006.

Over the past few months, Ani has suffered from an inflammation of the nerves and tendons in both her wrists and hands. After having received a diagnosis of tendonitis in late spring, Ani’s doctor instructed her to follow a regimen of relative rest, restriction of hand use to critical times, non-steroidal medications, and splinting. Unfortunately, after having taken almost three months off from touring earlier this year to treat her condition, Ani’s problems have not decreased in severity. If she were to continue to perform at this time, she would risk permanent nerve damage to her hands. Therefore, the decision was made to cancel upcoming tours, starting with the West Coast tour planned for late August and early September 2005, and provide Ani with a sufficient amount of time to make a full recovery.

For those who already have tickets to one of the cancelled performances, please check with the people you purchased the tickets from for instructions on receiving a refund.

Although the Little Folksinger will be off the road, naturally she will not be quiet. Several new recording projects with longtime friends are in the works, along with a new album from Ani anticipated for 2006. She will also still participate as a featured speaker in the New Yorker Festival on September 24 in New York City.

We are deeply grateful for the understanding and concern from all of you who have supported Ani’s touring career over these many years. We know that great things are coming on the horizon, and we look forward to sharing them with you in the coming months.

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