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If you have made it to this page you may notice that things look a little different around here.  This summer we started work on revamping the website for the label, the store, and Ani.  There were many reasons we made this switch; partly because our old site had a lot of glitches that we weren't able to fix (since we don't speak computer) but also because we wanted complete control over the sites so we could communicate easier with you guys. We now have functioning song previews, lyrics, and also updated picture galleries.  We hope everyone will like the changes we have made.

The new site doesn't require any usernames and passwords so you don't have to worry about those and if you were signed up for our mailing list all of that information has been transferred over so you should continue to get emails and news from us.  If you have not been receiving info. from us and would like to re-sign up for the list you can do that here.  

We will be adding all sorts of stuff over the next few months including new products, glimpses into the label, and even cool art we have received.   This is all in hopes to stay closer to all of you and share more of ourselves.  Since the website is new and we had to proof a billion pages (okay we might have exaggerated a little there) there may be glitches which is why we encourage anyone with issues to contact us at Also if there is anything you want to see please feel free to email you suggestions as well.  We can't wait to hear from you and in the mean time-Enjoy!!!


Your Friends at RBR

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