Meet Andrew: A Truly Righteous Guy


This is Andrew, Program Manager for a national organization called BALLE which focuses on building local economies.  He braved the sub-zero Buffalo weather to visit us at Babeville because he's working with Buffalo First on the 11th annual BALLE business conference, coming to our city in June, and he wanted to scout out the area. Here at the babe we use local designers, printers, and manufacturers whenever possible so we have a huge amount of respect for the work they are doing.  To learn more about his organization visit, and don't forget (in the spirit of local pride) to check out  Get inspired, act local!

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Favorite Ani album: Ani DiFranco (with Knuckle Down as a very close runner up)

Top 3 Ani Songs:
1. Both Hands
2. Hello Birmingham
3. Hat Shaped Hat

Number of Times You Have Seen Ani Play: Once in Columbus, Ohio around 1995 or 1996 at Capital University

If you are in the Buffalo area and would like to visit, we would love to have you but please call ahead to schedule an appointment (716-852-8020) and be prepared… 

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