New remix EP from Jocelyn Mackenzie: PUSH Reimagined

New remix EP from Jocelyn Mackenzie: PUSH Reimagined

Today we're excited to release "PUSH Reimagined" – an EP of fresh versions of Jocelyn Mackenzie’s songs from her record PUSH, remixed by Daron. and Charlie Hunter.

It's a soulful take on her intimate songs that transforms them into a genre all its own.

Listen here

Says Jocelyn, "I met Daron. on tour with Pearl and the Beard in his hometown of Greensboro, NC over a decade ago, the night he was playing his very first show. Even then, his ambition and talent floored me, and his generosity and passion as a musician and human being were palpable. So after all this time, Daron. was an obvious choice for me to reach out to when we were creating a collection of PUSH remixes – his sound is so funky, unique, and different from mine, I couldn't wait to hear what he would do with my music. But he didn't just do one remix, he surprised me by going above and beyond – he brought in the legendary Charlie Hunter and a team of artists to reimagine HALF of the record."

Daron says, "Creating this was a joy and a pleasure. The dynamics in the vocals offer such a vast canvas for creativity. Working on PUSH: Reimagined was amazing! With an urge to explore in combination with a love to create, a little patience, a few missed calls, our long history of chemistry easily took fruition in the form of these great pieces."

Jocelyn continues, "I am so floored with Daron.'s vision and so grateful to be able to keep the love of these songs flowing in a completely new way – I love his versions of my songs! Huge thanks to Daron., Charlie, Righteous Babe, and everyone on the team for continuing to PUSH the love of this music."
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