New T-Shirts and Ceramics from Heidi-Ho in the Righteous Babe Store

It’s that time of year again! We’re sharing new merch offerings in the Righteous Babe store for the holidays. To help you with shopping for the Righteous Babes in your life, we’re offering 10% off when you use the code RISEUP

New Shirts

We have a few new t-shirts on offer as well as a new line of ceramics from our Mistress of Merch Heidi-Ho! Heidi has been our Righteous Babe behind the merch table at shows since the Universe conspired to entwine her path with Ani’s over 20 years ago. As she is an artist in her own right, we commissioned her to create special ceramics pieces exclusive to the RBR site for the 2017 Holidays.

Heidi Kunkel Collection

If you are ordering for a gift within the US, please be sure to check out before December 17 to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas.

Visit the Righteous Babe Store.

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