Pieta Brown's new album Freeway out now

Pieta Brown's new album Freeway out now

“i just love this album. it’s like a magic-hour walk across a field of pieta songs, blowing in the comely breezes of some devastatingly understated musicianship and production. i love that every aspect of this record seems to be conspiring to amplify the haunting lilt of pieta’s voice. that one that she was born with.” Ani DiFranco

"She's really perfected that mix of kind of dreamy and ethereal but still spare and languid. Everything is in its right place here...You're in such good hands with this record and it's just very beautiful and comforting." - NPR Music All Songs Considered

Pieta Brown’s new album Freeway is out today on Righteous Babe Records!

Hear it here

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