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Gracie and Rachel

Gracie and Rachel - Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong: The Remixes (EP)

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We’re ecstatic to share 'Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong: The Remixes,' a collection of songs that break down and then build back up their original conceptions. A series of deconstructed constructions by Ian Chang, S. Carey, Sombear, and Future Generations, these interpretations make us both want to move our bodies and embrace our stillness all at once. Gracie and Rachel were inspired by their work to remix one of the songs themselves, a first for them and an experience they describe "that felt like exploring a lost future. In song-making there are often a number of routes we can go, and while we always hope the direction we take is the one the song is asking for most, we sometimes wonder what other life it could have lived had it gone the other way. Thanks to this process, we got to explore firsthand one of those formerly untaken paths. We hope these songs take you down your own varying roads."