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Jocelyn Mackenzie

Jocelyn Mackenzie - Blueberry (single)

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Blueberry is a haunted pop song about unrequited love across multiple dimensions. Its story reflects a connection so fated and yet so doomed that there is no single universe in which two become one.  See the music video

This song came to me after a conversation I'd had with a would-be lover. The importance we each attached to the weight of the details of everyday life was so vastly different, it was in a small moment of noticing (or not noticing) the way a berry floats in cereal that revealed our relationship would never become.  

To create the thick array of percussion sounds, my co-producers Harry Bolles, Michael Coleman, and I sampled found objects from the studio (including a wooden pencil holder) and my percussive vocals, which we distorted beyond reckoning to provide a haunted texture to the rhythm. Accomplished jazz artist and rising star Alison Shearer plays saxophone on the track, which is featured in a solo as well as a deeply pitched-down bass line in which her instrument's classic sound is unrecognizable.