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Jocelyn Mackenzie

Jocelyn Mackenzie - WAKE (EP)

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In Jocelyn's words "WAKE is a collection of songs written in the wake of my debut solo album PUSH. Producing PUSH was a five-year process of arranging, engineering, and releasing an entire album's worth of songs for string quartet and synth percussion, and so in that span, I had lots of time to write new material that didn't get a chance to be recorded. 

In direct creative opposition to PUSH's five-year gestation, WAKE was produced recorded in two days at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn. Multi-talented musicians Michael Coleman, Harry Bolles, and I united in the studio, and decided that the sounds on the record should only be ones the three of us could play in the moment. Necessity was the mother of invention, and our lively, improvisational process led us to a sound that is earthy, toothsome, and honest. At the eleventh hour, we called on jazz saxophonist Alison Shearer to add some final flourishes, and her contributions were the icing on our very weird cake.  

WAKE is personal, textural, and sensual, and I am very proud of what we've made."