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Buddy Wakefield

Buddy Wakefield-Live at the Typer Cannon Grand

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Release Date: October 13th, 2009

Buddy Wakefield composes with a "tricked-out electric pen." He combines the energy of his voice and the cadence of his verses to produce a rhythm section in his spoken-word poetry pieces.  Live At The Typer Cannon Grand is Buddy's first Righteous Babe Records release. A compilation of the best of Buddy's live performances from the past decade, the album delivers each piece in full context; the audience's laughter, cheering, banter, and live accompaniment flesh out the album to give the full, unadulterated Buddy Wakefield experience.

Live at the Typer Cannon Grand covers a lot of ground.  Here he empties the contents of his head and his heart starting with information desks at highway rest stops, the town where he grew up, Baytown, TX and eventually moving on to Gandhi. He explains and examines each one with acid wit and powerful energy, usually through a political filter. His commentary on the irony of life and society's backward norms is insightful and sarcastically humorous. In his poetry Buddy gives the raw version, which can be dark at times, but is nonetheless engaging due to the energy of his performances.