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Righteous Babe Records

Pieta Brown & JT Bates - In This World / Thing or 2 (double single)

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Making these pieces with JT was another musical and production experiment that I learned so much from. I'm still mesmerized by how these songs I had already written with my guitar could morph into these other realms. It was so fun to sing without an instrument and apply the lyrics and melodies to these pieces JT had made.  As a singer I love experimenting with phrasing and the subtlest shifts make such a wild difference.  One slur and breath and suddenly it all works - or doesn't!  JT and I have an on-going musical chemistry that I'm not sure either of us really understands, but is what allows for any of these distance collaborations to happen.  It never feels distant. So fun! And meaningful.  After we made our pieces - which happened so quickly - we also had the great pleasure of stumbling across a little shout out on Instagram that Tucker Martine had an unexpected opening in his schedule if anyone needed a couple tracks mixed! JT and I are both big fans of Tucker's and somehow within days Tucker Martine had mixed these tracks! I hope it is just another beginning.