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Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown & JT Bates - Is / Was (Single)

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We made "Is / Was" out of musical fragments, across space and time. For me music, memory and dreams make the world more coherent. One day when I was feeling really isolated during the heart of the pandemic I sent some fragmented guitar recordings to one of my all time favorite drummers, JT Bates. We played a little musical ping pong with the fragments: adding, taking away, exchanging…and then all of the sudden we had a coherent piece. It had a beginning and an end. When I heard the instrumental track I flashed on a song I had written one night in Paris in an apartment that had a blue door and was 59 stairs up. Why did I count the stairs?  Why did I flash on this song when I heard our track? I sang what I could remember of the momentary Paris song and somehow it all connected and became "Is / Was." --Pieta