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The Righteous Babes

The Righteous Babes - Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)

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The Righteous Babes are a supergroup of powerhouse female artists, banded together under Ani DiFranco's label, Righteous Babe Records. Think boygenius meets Bonny Light Horseman -- currently the band is comprised of three independent groups; Gracie and Rachel, Holly Miranda and Jocelyn Mackenzie.

As four musicians coming from varying backgrounds, navigating a band together in a new musical landscape, covering the song "Maps" felt like the guiding compass we all needed. Holly, having previously toured with Karen O on her solo tour, recounts, “Revisiting a song that has meant so much to me all these years later makes me feel so grateful for the ride, the present moment, and all that’s down the road for the babes.”

On tour this summer!